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Z O N E is an idea and an ensemble in continuous evolution that revolves around my music. I play LiveElectronics or a MIDIElectricGuitar whose fingerboard, as a virtual ensemble, is crossed by the interpreters inhabitants of ZONE. These artists are among todays protagonists of contemporary thought. Skattered all over the globe, they flow in and out of the ZONE: on stage we always are more people than audience can see. mp

  • Geoffrey Morris
  • Carin Levine & Jürgen Ruck
  • Annig Raimondi
  • DuoRecordronik
  • Bernardo Lanzetti
  • Maurizio BenOmar
  • Birgit Nolte
  • Elena Callegari
  • ElisionEnsemble
  • ENDE
  • Elena Càsoli
  • Emanuele Forni
  • Erik Bosgraaf
  • Faberlucis
  • Kiyonori Sokabe
  • Ivo Nilsson & Jörgen Pettersson
  • Manuel Zurria
  • Marcello Tarabbia
  • Marco Bortoli & Walter Goy
  • Maria Ronchini & Riccardo Balbinutti
  • mp & AchilleCompagnoni, WPrati, MBortoli, UJoss
  • mp & Ricarrdo Magherini Bernardo Lanzetti
  • mp & Salvatore Zito Max Bertolai
  • StockholmSaxophoneQuartet
  • mp & Timothy O'Dwyer
  • PACTAdeiTeatri
  • mp & Vladi Leoni
  • Pili Stanislas
  • wowslider
  • Thor-Vilhjalmsson
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where the music is the leading actor on stage.
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below some excerpts from mp’s theatrical music
or visit: Theatre & Video Playlist on YTube


xfs_500x400_s80_AiBlue_Locandina_Web ARISTOFANE IN BLUE – audio excerpt 01 & 02:



CHIODI_Caryl Churchill CHIODI – per C. Churchill, “Sette Bambine Ebree”:


Le Cinque Morti di Pitagora LE CINQUE MORTI DI PITAGORA 
per R.Mini, “L’irrazionale leggerezza dei numeri”_Danza Dei Cavalli:


Paradise-Lost_Milton LUOGHI e QUADRI – per J. Milton, “Paradise Lost”:


SuiteDellaTorre_Moravia SUITE DELLA TORRE
per A. Moravia,”Beatrice CenciLasciatemi:



per L. Pirandello, “L’amica delle mogli”_Valzer della Gomma:



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