PACTAsoundZONE_logoMilano 2015-20… pactaSOUNDzone is a research path and a joint between ZONE and  PACTA dei TEATRI. We bring music on stage as a parallel sound-acting, and with the 2013 production of Aristophanes in Blue, where the acting itself was born from the score, the path naturally landed to PACTAsoundZONE.
 pactaSOUNDzone is on: FBook
 2015-16: two test events with sculptures, film, music.
 2017: starting of the first real series with Alejandro Jaraj&VLPsound, Maddalena Novati-NoMus, Piero Chianura-BigBox, M. Pisati e F. Michelazzi-Flash&Bip.
 2018: Andrea Marinelli-SecretShow; Trio Tuja Ravizza Masciocchi-Voltaire e il re flautista; ZanettiZanotti+FLASHetBIP-TWO+TWO; CignoliTremoladaCarlotto-IRIDESCENCE. Seminar activity hosting Collettivo21, Conservatorio di Piacenza and Centro attività di ricerca Conservatorio di Milano, to plan their presence on stage in 2019.
 2019: coming soon …

2016 FOLIA – ConcertgebouwBrugge, MAfestival.
FoliaThe FOLIA project started on 2013 with TipToeCompany, Bruxelles, focusing the subtle border between well known social foliasand other sides of craziness. Music on ancient and modern instruments, also thinking over the current tragedies of immigration and modern Narrenschiff. Partners: MAfestival-Brugge, ChampdAction-Antwerpen, TipToeCompany and ZONE. Instruments: Recorders, Guitar, El. Guitar, DoubleBass, El. Bass, Percussion, Cello, Harpsichord, Electronics, Audiovideo.


Denise2016, Helsinki – DENISE
Denise, Silver and Firefly
A new piece for solo Guitar asked by Petri Kumela, Guitarist and Professor at Metropolia University, Helsinki,
for his project “Little Creatures”.
A short story involving three very little creatures:
a Fire Fly, a SilverFish (or Sugar worm)
and Denise, a tiny and very active pygmy Hippocampus.




RelogioDaAqua_PreviewRelogioDaAqua_icon2015, Brescia – Relogio da vento
After Relogio da Aqua composed for ExNovoEnsemble at Sale Apollinee-Teatro La Fenice in Venice, the ensemble SentieriSelvaggi asked for a new “Relogio” for a wider ensemble. Premiere on dec 9th 2015 at Teatro Grande, Brescia (I)




Emu2015_Web2015, Roma – SENTI!
Last piece of a triptic on a novel by A. Strindberg. Guitar, Percussion, AudioTrack, StringOrchestra. Premiere oct 9th 2015 in Rome, EMUfest, Sala Accademica S. Cecilia. A. Tallini Guitar, G. Ruggeri Percussion, T. Battista Direction, Voice on AT Annig Raimondi, Editing and El.Guitar on AT M. Pisati. Orchestra EuropaMusica




MPisati_FeFMarch 21st 2015, Paris, Hotel de Soubise – Archive Nationales: EU premiere of FRYDERYK and Faust, kind of musical scripts for five short movies on the imaginary encounter between Chopin and Faust. Lèo Marillier Violin, Alexandre Lory Piano.




CSR_logoFebruary 6th 2015 – CSR & Onniverso
In 2014 I was appointed to develope a Music Research structure at Bologna’s Conservatory: CSR, CentroStudi e Ricerche. The department starts its official activity in 2015 hosting the meeting ONNIVERSO, collaborating with RAMI, italian association for artistic and musical research (see also “teaching” page)


ScarlattiPisati_iconSet of 7 Sonatas by D. Scarlatti “translated” for Guitar.
Still in draft manuscript, to be completed for edition.
The final work will be titled THE SCARLET BOOK,
including the Seven Sonatas, solo Guitar
as well as Incrocio Scarlatto, one Guitar and two guitarists,
and Parafrasi Scarlatta, Guitar and DoubleBass